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  Anhui forward innovation seed industry co., LTD. Is a company engaged in scientific research and production of vegetables, new varieties, new technology and new achievements of suitable seed industry enterprises. The company new optimal vegetables capsicum institute with independent intellectual property rights, unique varieties advantage, strong scientific research strength, rich variety resources, advanced breeding techniques, unique breeding, environment, hot pepper varieties for the company's new, special, superior development laid a solid foundation. Institute of China, South Korea and other parts of the world excellent variety resources, seed for domestic climate, soil, disease-resistant high-yield varieties. Have high seed production team and technical personnel, young dare to innovation, integrity, trustworthy, constantly beyond, strive for perfection, trying to build brand, provides a good all-round to meet customer demand.
  Sincere, true and sincere is stick to our tenet, we sincerely welcome new and old customers to visit, negotiate and cooperate.